9 Signs You Need Help With Your Man Cave

9 signs you need help with your man cave

9 Signs You Need Help With Your Man Cave

Something feels great about building something from the ground up with your own two hands. Watching your work grow from a tiny project to a finished masterpiece warms the heart of any hard worker. However, doing everything on our own all the time leads to disastrous effects when we misjudge our own abilities. Every now and then, we need to step back and realize our limitations. This starts by recognizing when something goes wrong and how to correct it. This guide shows you 9 signs you need help with your man cave and advises you on how to move forward. Use this to ensure that your man cave reaches its maximum potential!


Not Making Plans

Without a doubt, not making any plans ruins many man caves before they start. You purchase a ton of furniture that you adore, set up an entertainment system, and then add in some knick-knacks that match your aesthetic. Once you put it all together…it looks like little more than a storage room. Either everything is tightly packed together or the room lacks so many decorations that it looks empty! Sit down and plan your man cave. Think of a theme that suits you, measure your area before purchasing furniture, and ask for input from others. If you stink at making plans, an interior designer will help you out tremendously!



Forgetting Your Plans

Since you know the huge difference that a plan makes, if you find yourself straying far from your plans, enlist some help! Even if that means just talking to your wife about your plans and having her check up on you throughout construction, that beats screwing up early on in your man cave construction and having no one to tell you until it’s too late! Keep track of your plans and what order to put them in place with a journal planner or simply a reliable person.


Never Finishing Projects

Dedication determines whether or not you build your man cave alone. It’s one thing to make a plan and quite another thing to stick to it. Even with all the plans in the world, if you lack dedication, you will never see your man cave to fruition. Use the help of contractors if you find yourself lingering over certain parts of your project. If you focus too much on doing it yourself because you can, you look over the advantages of having someone else work for you and end up putting projects on hiatus when they don’t go the way you want or take too long to make.


Unexpected Shortcomings

You already planned your man cave out perfectly. You know where the bar goes and exactly how to build it. Then, you purchase all the materials and—uh oh. Looks like you forgot to check if that area of the house had pipes! For all work outside of your own field, consult the advice of professionals to see if your plans will actually work. If you already ran into one situation like this, it’s only a matter of time before you discover more. Sit down with someone else and think about the logistics.



Doing Everything Yourself

If you find yourself getting intimate with every stage of the design, then step back and consider if you really know what you’re doing. Even if you know you can make a good design all on your own, look to other people for ideas and inspiration. They also recognize flaws that you may not see during your plans. We push our limits when we build a good man cave, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look to others for help or advice.


If the thought of seeking help makes your blood boil, then calm down and think of all the advantages of working with others. A plumber and electrician not only save you time, but they could save a ton of money and even your life! Many ordinary labors like carpentry and engineering look easy on the outside, but anyone will tell you that there are huge risks with any kind of job. If you want to do everything from scratch, make sure you do your homework or look for someone who knows what to do!


Growing Attached to Impossible Designs

You know exactly what you want. You clap your hands to turn off your lights and your blinds automatically close. A disco ball comes out from the ceiling. Beams of multicolored light synchronized to an automatically generated music playlist shoot out as it lowers down, and one of them creates the batman logo on your wall. It’s feasible…but maybe not for you. Even if you know every single step of the process, consider splitting these crazy tasks between you and someone else. Overly complicated projects sap the strength out of you and can lead to frustration in the long run.



Neglecting Parts of the Cave

Somewhat related to the point above, if you spend too much time attached to one part of your plan, the other parts languish. If your floor and furniture look spectacular, but you have no idea what to do with your walls, then seek out help from a close friend that knows your interests. In this fashion, you clearly see the progress that you make on your man cave and how close it is to completion…in a reasonable time frame!


Shoddy Workmanship

You plan everything perfectly, gather all the correct materials, and know exactly what to do…but somehow, nothing looks like you imagined it. When we follow online tutorials or magazine guides, we often see different results than the magazine told us to expect. However, when your work looks like a five year old cobbled it together…it’s time to admit you need a little help. Whether you stink at measuring, never find something that matches your theme, or simply can’t figure out the directions for some furniture, don’t feel ashamed if you need to reach out for help. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Don’t let your weakness be a crutch and ask for assistance. Watching an expert work helps you improve your own skill!



Running Out of Money

Part of planning involves a making a budget, but sometimes, things don’t go as planned. If you find yourself spending too much money on parts of your man cave, ask others for some money-saving tips. The internet provides a lot of help anonymously, ensuring you don’t get embarrassed by your money woes while seeking assistance with your projects. If you know you can handle it, consider looking into DIY tutorials for portions of your man cave.


When a financial emergency strikes and your man cave funds turn into car payments or an arm cast or a working toilet, don’t fret. Postponing your cave doesn’t hurt in the long run. In the event that you can’t use your man cave due to an interrupted project, seek help from sympathetic people to wrap up that part of your cave. In example, they can help you cover insulation in your new ‘wall’ so that the dog can walk around safely in your man cave. Never use your man cave as an excuse to push your financial skills to the limit. The man cave is a luxury and a privilege, and your family’s health and wellness come first!


Finding Help for the Man Cave

If you think one of these things matches you, consider looking for outside help. Whether that help comes in the form of a journal planner, your neighbor with a chainsaw, your cousin’s labor, or a contractor doesn’t matter. What matters is that you realize your limits and do the right thing. Every man strives to be the best that he can, but when building something permanent and expensive, focus on how to make that the best instead. There is a time and place for pride, and every moment that you stick to your stubborn ways is another moment that your man cave fails to meet its potential!

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