7 Little Changes That Make a Big Difference in your Man Cave

7 little changes that make a big difference in your man cave

7 Little Changes That Make a Big Difference in your Man Cave

To go with the focus on change and renovation this week, let’s talk about 7 little changes that make a big difference in your man cave! After all, not everyone has the time to make huge renovations. These little tasks take very little time or effort to do. Tackle them gradually when you find the time, rather than setting aside a weekend to renovate the whole man cave. Some of them take multiple sessions (mostly just the ‘accent wall’ section), but it can be split into smaller work sessions depending on what you make. Anyways, let’s dive straight into these 7 little changes that make a big difference in your man cave and learn how to make your cave look brand new!



1) Focusing Your Theme

Everyone starts their man cave with a theme. Even if you don’t deliberately pick one at the beginning, you know to keep things somewhat coherent while you set up the man cave. When you first pick your theme, it starts off broad. In example, a rustic man cave covers quite a lot of topics. If you want to make a big change in your cave with minimal effort, revisit your theme and change a broad topic like ‘rustic’ to a narrow topic like ‘cowboy.’ As another example, you can narrow down a Star Wars theme to a Darth Vader theme. It takes very little effort to focus a theme, but it makes a huge difference!



2) Entertainment System

A man cave absolutely needs a TV. Whether you use it to watch your favorite shows, movies, games, or play video games on it, matters little. In today’s day an age, some sort of monitor needs to connect you to the outside world in your cave! Most men simply set up their TV and let it look pretty. They think that the only impressive part about an entertainment system is the size of the screen. Don’t let that complacent person be you!


Hide your wires, set up custom lighting, and use a switch to easily transition from your different input machines (IE between your cable box or your XBOX one). It makes everything look more organized while improving your quality of life. If you only put in a cable box, look for an alternate source of entertainment. I recommend a PS4 if you never play games, since it still has nice BluRay playback and a simple interface for selecting different media. BluRay players are about as expensive as a game console, so why not settle for something with some secondary functions?



3) New Eye Piece

Choose a new focus for your room. You can pick from a new coffee table, television, flag, or art piece. I personally find that a large canvas print really catches the eye better than anything else. Large eye pieces like these define the room and transform it whenever you switch them up. If you already own a few major pieces, consider something smaller. A new figure that goes in the center of your coffee table works just as well as the large posters when it’s the newest thing in the room! Remember that this works best when you only place one new object in the cave.


4) Lighting

More than anything else in the world, lighting makes or breaks a room. Without changing the location of your furniture, entertainment system, bar, or even lamps…switching the type of light bulb you use yields dramatic changes in the room. With this in mind, rethink the entire way you view your room. Which areas need more light? Which need more?


If you enjoy reading or writing in the room, make sure to put a lamp with adjustable brightness near your favorite seat. Sometimes you need high intensity light to make out the pages, while other times high contrast settings might detract from reading. Warm lighting also works best and strains your eyes the least.


If you rarely do anything but stare at a game on the TV screen, then focus on setting up custom lighting so you create a great ambiance in the room. By installing dim lights near the controls of your entertainment system, your bar area, and any place with switches, you ensure that you can still see everything you need to without making the screen too bright to see.



5) Accent Wall

Don’t underestimate the power of an accent wall! To create your own accent wall, paint or paper one section of a wall in a way that stands out. Take note that this only means part of the wall, not the whole wall. Other options include using unique brickwork or woodworking to give the wall a unique texture. Once the wall looks great, decorate it with your favorite man cave trinkets. Just painting the wall makes a huge difference in the room, but if you combine that with your new decor, then it looks like a completely new cave!


One common example of an accent ‘wall’ is the fireplace. An accent wall performs all of the functions of a central fireplace, without the whole heating aspect. If you run out of ideas after you finish the wall, think of what you would put over the fireplace as a decoration!


6) Add a New Man Cave Sign

Instead of focusing on the inside of your cave, think about its entrance. The door to your man cave creates a barrier between ‘normal life’ and ‘relaxation,’ and the decor of your door needs to reflect that. Find a fitting man cave sign to attach to the door. I recommend one with the rules of your man cave (such as ‘dogs allowed on furniture’) or a sign that indicates it belongs to you (such as ‘John’s Man Cave’).


For a more subtle approach, find a large flag or poster that matches your theme and plaster it on there. Well, maybe not plaster. Framing works just fine. This gets you in the mood before you even walk into the cave and lets everyone else know what they are walking into!



7) Organization

Organization, organization, organization! This one little thing makes up a key aspect of any man cave. Keeping the room clean works well enough, but keeping it organized takes a different kind of effort altogether. Everything should look like it sits where it belongs in your room. To make things appear deliberately placed, start with creating as much empty space as possible on all your surfaces. Then, slowly put your decor and necessities back in odd-numbered clusters.


Regardless of the shape and size of your objects, that general rule keeps things looking professional! On that note, though, try to stick things with different sizes together to throw in some variation. Of course, color coordinating all of your things also helps, but that takes a back seat to the shape and formation of your things, especially since man caves typically use very few colors to begin with!


7 Little Changes That Make a Big Difference in your Man Cave

Some people believe that time and effort constitute the only ways to make something good. However, I find that good knowledge and execution matter even more! Taking a little time out of your day to improve your quality of life—and the quality of things around you—feels both rewarding and relaxing. With continuous effort, your little investments into the appearance of your man cave add up. Never stop changing things up or improving—both with your man cave and yourself! There’s always room to learn and grow. Never stop changing and embrace the new things you learn every day!

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