The Best Basement Man Cave Ideas

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The Best Basement Man Cave Ideas 2017

Ever wondered how to turn your room into a man cave? These simple man cave ideas transform your unfinished basement into a refined room worthy of calling your man cave. The basement provides everything you need for an ideal man cave—a space apart from the house, plumbing, electricity, and temperature stability. However, many challenges await you when planning out the best basement man cave ideas. Use this article and its man cave pictures to jump those hurdles and create an impressive display of your craftsmanship!

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Man Cave Room

An unfinished basement man cave lacks some critical things before you call it a room. First, you need to put in ventilation of some sort. Especially for smokers, a room without ventilation becomes a huge fire hazard. And with only one exit? Even worse. Try excavating a separate exit or window for your basement and incorporate it into your house’s ventilation system. Also alert your fire department of any structural changes you make. With that out of the way, your basement goes from ‘unfinished’ to ‘ready to roll.’ For added comfort, a dehumidifier helps keep bugs out of the room. If you live in a rainy or snowy area, keep your electronics a few feet off the ground in case of a flood…just in case.


Man Cave Decorations

Your cool man cave ideas start with the big utilities. For most of us, that means installing bars for a mancave. A man cave mini bar helps a ton while guests chill out, plus it proves relaxing when you take some time out of the day for yourself. For man cave decorating ideas, think of a central theme for the room. Center all of your decorations—including your man cave wall décor—around that concept. For some quality of life ideas, make sure to light up the whole area as best you can. A textured staircase keeps you from slipping on the way up and down the stairs. On top of all that, I highly suggest decorating any columns to match the walls.


Best Basement Man Cave Ideas on a Budget

As far as mancave home décor goes, rustic man cave ideas take the cake. Using wood and stone in your build not only looks great, but it also saves you money! It also matches with most antiques and garage sale furniture you run into for some cheap man cave furniture. DIY man cave projects that use a rustic flare in their man cave decorating ideas look spectacular, despite their price tag. When you need to put in completely new walls and flooring to separate your cave from a typical basement, cheap man cave stuff makes a huge difference. Another viable option for man caves on a budget is a minimalist or hi-tech theme.


With attention to every detail, your unfinished basement becomes a bona fide man cave. And—with each new renovation—you bring your man space a little closer to perfect! Feel free to comment with your own pictures or man cave ideas. Also, check out the rest of the site for tips on some cool man cave ideas!

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