The Best Man Cave Shed Ideas

man cave shed ideas

The Best Man Cave Shed Ideas

Tired of intruders in your personal space? Move your man cave out of reach and outside—and I mean that literally! The best man cave shed ideas work around the unique bonuses of a shed. Windows offer an incredible amount of lighting compared to other locations, and a scenic backyard view adds to it. Plus, no one imposes a noise limit on you while watching the big game! Check out these man cave shed pictures and the best man cave shed ideas to go with them!

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TrueManCave Shed Plans


Backyard Man Caves

Building a man cave in the garden sounds like a daunting task, until you realize the simplicity of building a shed. Sheds only need a level ground, four walls, and a roof to work with. Bonus points if you create an actual foundation and include plumbing. Some man cave shed kits exist to make things even easier—you just set it up and start decorating your new man cave!


In modern times, you also want to hook up electricity to the shed. A man cave isn’t much of a hang out spot until you place a big screen TV in there to liven things up. An AC unit helps tremendously, so if it suits your budget, definitely purchase one for the man cave.


Man Caves Made Out of Sheds

Backyard man cave ideas start with a theme—although, obviously, a back-to-nature theme works perfectly. When building a man cave on a budget, think about the best way to purchase your raw materials. Sometimes, a simple chainsaw and time spent in the backyard solves the price of lumber! For epic bar shed plans, seek out a professional plumber to install everything before you put in the walls. That way, your bar goes exactly where you want it! Choose a natural material such as tile or wood to keep your floor tidy. Lastly, think about insulating the room to keep winter cold and summer heat out. Raised or wooden furniture helps you work around the outside elements well enough.

TrueManCave Shed Plans

Cool Man Shed Ideas

As for the actual contents of your man cave shed, try to slim everything down—literally. Windows and doors easily move to create a larger space open to the outside air. Try incorporating that into your shed! To take advantage of the outside location and save money on lighting, install sky lights. The interior of your man shed shows off your wild side, but don’t forget to include utility in there. For fishers, show off your tackle, and for body builders, convert the wall into a place to hold your weights! You live in your house, but you work in your cave!


Best Man Cave Shed Ideas

Whether you include dart boards or a television, the backyard man cave keeps you healthy and entertained. Without use, a shed quickly falls into disrepair and houses all sorts of pests. Rather than have that come back to haunt you, pick up that shed and start building! Continue expanding and improving on your humble shed and watch it grow into something you take pride in!


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