The Best Small Man Caves

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The Best Small Man Caves

So you finally received permission from your wife to turn some place into a man cave of your own. Whether you stole the unfinished basement, converted the guest room, or set out some space to build a shed, your dreams of creating a sanctuary space for yourself lurk on the horizon. However, one minor problem stands in your way—the size! Today, let’s talk all about how to build the best small man caves out of the tiny space allotted to you!

For those of you living in apartments or small homes, your man cave looks less cavernous than a lot of the cool pictures you see online. In fact, you might even call it a man grotto instead of a cave. Regardless, this won’t stop you from accomplishing your goal of creating a majestic man cave.


A Mini Man Cave

Your micro man cave begins with a lot more planning than your typical mantuary. First of all, figuring out what furniture fits into the room sits at the top of your priority list. Not every super comfortable couch fits through the door frame, after all. Take careful measurements of the room and map it out on a sheet of graphing paper. From there, check the size of any potential furniture and map it out onto your floor plan. This helps you keep everything concentrated—but also livable. Instead of cramming whatever fits in there and executing gymnastics to navigate the area, you end up with ample amounts of walking space to navigate the room or stretch out in.

If this proves difficult, consider downsizing the furniture you want, reducing the amount of furniture you include, or utilizing your space better. Lots of people never realize how much space they waste in their room when they plan out everything. ‘What?!’ you might ask. ‘I’m using all the space available to me!’ Well, let’s learn how to add even more space to your room than the floor offers!

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How to Turn Your Room Into a Man Cave

First of all, every man cave room needs some sort of storage. Whether you store your drinks, food, books, games, or extra furniture, storing stuff eats away at the space available to you in your small man cave. In order to avoid filling up the room quickly, think about the types of storage available to you. While tall shelves seem efficient and hug the wall, I recommend using low drawers instead. Even one or two large drawers stores more stuff than a shelving unit.

When using horizontal drawers, you actually provide more vertical space to place extra furniture on! So instead of putting a cabinet in the corner, you end up with a corner chair or a couch on top of some drawers. Simply make sure your special storage actually supports the man cave bedroom furniture you put on top of it.

A mini man cave sign on the entrance adds to the ambience of your man cave and helps separate it from the rest of your house or apartment. Importantly, avoid sleeping in the man cave—unless it’s your only room, of course. By sleeping in a separate room, you establish your man cave as serving a different function than your bedroom. For those who work around their bedroom essentials, consider finding a foldable bed or similar apparatus to hide your bed during daytime hours. Most futon couches serve this purpose well.


Man Cave Ideas for a Small Room

For small man cave ideas, small rooms pose both a problem and a challenge. However, with your careful planning, small man caves actually work best for certain types of rooms! In example, making a busy wall with lots of gadgets and signs takes less time and money than it would for a larger room. In this regard, more expensive themes work best in small man caves. Consider dedicating your room to a franchise—you need no space to hold smaller collectables, and only a few items go a long way in your small man cave!

For a different type of small man cave idea, consider setting up a workshop. Apply wheels to all of your tools or machinery—excluding things which need grounding, of course—and use these to convert your space into different types of workstations. Cover the walls with your tools, rather than store them in a cabinet, for both decoration and resourcefulness. While a workshop doesn’t quite invite in guests, it works as your personal man cave and keeps you on task during your leisure time. Use the room to make your downtime productive!

The Best Small Man Caves - workshop


Small Basement Man Cave Ideas

To start on your basement, upgrade the plain environment. Install wood, tile, or carpet flooring to make the room look livable. Consider adding in different textures on the walls to make the room pop. Faux columns, brick slabs, or large art installments all do the trick. Different levels of ground make the room interesting, so consider adding small platforms to different parts of the room. Of course, build them on the shorter side—vertical space matters in small rooms, after all.

An unfinished basement man cave poses some unique problems. For one, when someone calls it an unfinished basement, that means it does not meet the requirements for a safe basement. It might flood, or gather bugs, or it might prove a large fire hazard. When building a man cave in a small unfinished basement, work on making it finished. Start by increasing ventilation, providing two exits, and possibly putting windows in. Add both a fire and CO alarm—some models on the market last for a decade without needing a new battery!

Digging on the side of the house and putting in a door also helps the man cave seem separate from the house, despite sitting underneath it. Make sure that your local fire department knows the structural differences from your updates—they like to know the layout of your house before they go in it while it burns. You know, the usual stuff.


Man Cave Mini Arcade

Many people think that arcades need a huge amount of space. Thankfully, with the advent of modern technology and efficient materials, the price of emulators and systems went down over time. This means that one arcade system holds hundreds of games for a small amount of money. The raspberry pi works best for setting this sort of thing up. So, in your small arcade room, do your best to limit the amount of physical arcades.

For video gaming, your best course of action involves minimizing your electronics. Whenever a small or thin version of your favorite console comes out, grab it off the shelf. Consider using a projector to display games and switch between multiple sources to maximize its potential. A projector means you only need a plain white wall to play your games. In other words, you waste no money or space on a bulky entertainment system! Other things fill the gap, or you may simply extend the display of your games.

In a room with limited outlets, look into hiring an electrician and adding more. Avoid do-it-yourself techniques when dealing with electricity—especially since screw-ups end up with you fried. Lastly, make sure you find small furniture that also feels comfortable. Many types of rooms work with cheaper furniture sets, but gaming involves sitting on your butt for long periods. Treat your rear end nicely so you cut down on your legs falling asleep or similar issues. Hell, if you can afford it, consider getting one of those fancy mall massage chairs. Why? Why not!

The Best Small Man Caves - Video Games


Small Man Cave Shed

Outdoor sheds work great for man caves due to their distance from the house. Sure, rain makes entering it a hassle, but at least your wife or kids rarely bother you out there! For small man cave sheds, work on protecting your stuff from the elements. Raise the floor of the shed a few inches compared to ground level to keep water from creeping in. Keep your electronics and outlets well insulated. Remember that bugs inevitably enter sheds, so either put in some traps, limit the food you keep outside a fridge, or simply accept your fate. I guess lizards also work.

For people with green thumbs, embrace the interesting conditions of the shed and look into some living decorations. Look for things that grow well in your area’s natural environment or simply stick to succulents. Succulents never die, no matter what you put them through. Another thing to consider, thanks to a shed’s proximity to your yard, is the incorporation of your yard itself. Consider adding shutters instead of windows that roll up and reveal a beautiful outside bar or pool or similar attraction.


Making the Best Small Man Caves

No matter what sort of small man caves you look forward to making, the best small man caves make use of their limitations and turn them into advantages. Instead of thinking of space as a limited resource, think of how little you need to spend to create a complete picture in the room. Instead of expensive furniture that barely fits, move that money over into fancy furniture or televisions. Find the calling that the room gives you…and you know what to do from there!

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